The SecuSwitch-App

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In addition to the SecuSwitch-HUB, the app is of immense importance to end users.
The SecuSwitch-App was developed with a focus on security, performance and availability.
Each time the app makes a request, encrypted communication is established with one of our SecuSwitch gateway servers.

Hosted in Germany

To ensure security and availability, we work exclusively with reputable providers in Germany for our gateway servers, who offer top security protection. Each of the SecuSwitch gateway servers is located in a data center in Germany.

Secure. Simple. Robust.

Design and personalize your app according to your needs via the SecuSwitch Dashboard.

Personalization of the SecuSwitch-App

  • Location graphic, name of the location and address for the location overview of the app via the system settings
  • Icons of UNITS
  • Title and subtitle of UNITS
  • Name of Buttons in UNITS

The SecuSwitch-App is available for download free of charge from the Apple Store and the Google Play Store.


To install and use the SecuSwitch-App, the following system requirements are assumed:


  • Active internet connection while using

Operating system of the smart phone:

  • iOS 14.5 or higher, min. iPhone 6s (released 09/2015)
  • Android 9 or higher (released 08/2018)

Presence detection:

  • Location Services must be Activated on your Device
  • The SecuSwitch App must have Permission to Access the Device Location
  • Bluetooth must be enabled on your device
  • The SecuSwitch app must have permission to use Bluetooth