Connection of external WI-FI products

The integrated SecuSwitch event server allows to connect external WI-FI products like the Shelly Door/Wondow2 and the Shelly 1 Relay. Activate the server and assign a user name and password. This information is used for communication between the Event Server and the WI-FI device.

Connection of external WI-FI relays

After you have activated the Event Server, you will find entries with the name ‘MQTT X’ in the menu item ‘Relay’. This type can be used for a connection of external relays. You can access the settings and information via the ‘Edit’ button.

As with all relays, you can decide how it will be used:

  • Type Interval (the relay is only switched on and automatically switches off again after the specified time in seconds).
  • Type switch (switches on once or or and remains in this state)

You need the following information for the settings of the external product.